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  1. All drivers, from 18 year, must show a valid driver license, otherwise they are not allowed to drive a buggy.
  2. Racing and dangerous driving is strictly prohibited and if necessary the participant will be disqualified.
  3. All participants (drivers and passengers) have to keep fastened their seatbelts at any time, while the buggy is moving.
  4. All participants must follow the instructions of the guide to ensure safety.
  5. Overtaking is not allowed on the road or "off road".
  6. Absolutely no drugs or alcohol.
  7. This tour is a fun tour with good buggies, and sorry, we do not rent for unguided tours.
  8. Before the start of the tour, you sign a document and with this you accept all the above mentioned conditions and that you also waive any claim against
  9. Enjoy the buggy tour.